Help Your Donors 

Most of your donors don’t have wills. 

Many of your donors want to leave you an estate gift.

The process can be frustrating and expensive. 

Partner with Good Raising to give your donors a free will they can complete online in about 15 minutes. The product is customized for your organization.


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Help Donors Protect Their Families from the Stress and Expense of Not Having a Will

Give Donors the Opportunity to Leave a Bequest to the Causes They Love

Achieve a Planned Giving Program that is Effective, Automated, and Measurable

“As a pastor, I saw the pain and conflict created when someone dies without a will. As the leader of a nonprofit, I know we fall short in helping donors when they wish to leave us estate gifts. I believe Good Raising will help us address both problems.”      Don Woolley, Founder

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Return On Investment

 Your Financial Return.  We anticipate at least a 10X return on your investment, and frequently a 30X ROI.

Working with Us is Easy

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We Customize the Product for Your Specific Organization

You Simply Share the Opportunity with Your Constituents

Problem: Sixty to seventy percent of adults don’t have a will. 


Solution: Help Your Donors

Bottom Line:  By your generosity, your constituents can now easily complete a will to protect their families and loved ones, as well as their assets.


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Problem: Most planned giving programs yield limited results. 


Solution: Increase Your Impact

Bottom Line: Your organization now has an automated, donor-centric planned giving program that effectively secures new income to fund your future. 

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Your donors deserve a will and the opportunity to support your cause. Your mission deserves a time-saving, effective planned giving tool. Contact us to get started.


Did you know that a person’s estate gift averages 3X their total lifetime giving? For more surprises about planned giving, download our “Facts to Consider” pdf.