Problem 1:  Sixty to seventy percent of adults don’t have a will. 

  • Families devolve into conflict over the distribution of assets. 
  • Families suffer emotionally and financially because of a drawn-out legal process.  
  • Children are left without designated guardians.
  • Pets are left without designated caretakers.
  • Assets are not distributed according to the wishes of the deceased.
  • Churches and nonprofits do not receive estate gifts as intended by the deceased.


Solution: Help Your Donors

Bottom Line:  By your generosity, your constituents can now easily complete a will to protect their families and loved ones, as well as their assets.


  • Your donors, members, alumni, and employees are given a link to claim a free, reliable, online will. 
  • The link is to a page on one of our websites – (for churches and faith-based nonprofits) or (for all other nonprofits).
  • The link is specific to your organization, for instance,, and the content is customized according to your wishes.
  • The user answers simple questions that gather the information needed to produce the will. They are also given an opportunity to indicate their funeral wishes.
  • One question simply asks the user if they would like to leave a portion of their estate to your church or nonprofit. Most will choose “No, thanks.” About 20% will indicate a portion of their estate to be left to support your cause.
  • When finished, the user clicks “Submit” and receives their will by email within minutes. The will comes with instructions for completing the signing process. They also receive a link to make changes or updates. 



Problem 2:  Most planned giving programs yield limited results. 

  • Many well-intentioned donors never get around to completing a will because the process is time-consuming and expensive. 
  • The process of facilitating planned giving can be labor intensive, limiting our capacity.
  • Some initiatives are primarily focused on major donors, leaving thousands of missed opportunities.
  • Program effectiveness is difficult to measure in real time. We are often unaware of intended bequests until a donor passes.


Solution: Increase Your Impact

Bottom Line: Your organization now has an automated, donor-centric planned giving program that effectively secures new income to fund your future. 

  • Good Raising is your online “donate” button but for planned giving. It’s that easy.
  • We customize a landing page and form for your church or nonprofit and host those on one of our websites. We offer for faith-based organizations and (coming soon) for all other nonprofits.
  • You provide the custom link to ALL your members, donors, alumni, employees, etc., providing them access to a free, reliable will that meets their state’s requirements.   
  • Users will be asked if they’d like to leave a percentage of their estate to your organization. Approximately 20% of users will leave a bequest.
  • You will receive monthly reports detailing the results of the effort. Information will include the amount of the bequest along with general information about the giver.
  • Users have the right to remain anonymous, but most will allow us to share their identities and information about their gift. This allows you to identify and engage people passionate about your mission.
  • We will provide promotional content you can tailor as you wish and an annual communications calendar to make it easy.